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Loewy + Gainor

Five years ago, Gainor asked us for help with a rebranding strategy. After unveiling a new logo and print collateral, we redesigned the staffing firm’s Website. Recognizing Loewy as a true partner, Gainor recruited us once again in 2014—this time for an updated online presence that conveys the approachability and responsiveness of Gainor’s staff.

Launch New Site

  • Loewy relaunches with a fresh concept and modern design

  • Loewy extends Gainor's new branding into a site redesign

  • Loewy redesigns Gainor with new branding

  • When Loewy met Gainor they didn’t have a memorable brand or website

Setting the Tone

To make Gainor’s new Website sophisticated, yet inviting, we used a warm color palette with neutral undertones and vibrant splashes of color.

Simple and Clean

Animated icons help add a layer of navigation that is visual and
interactive, helping keep the new site both dynamic and fresh.

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Real People, Real Results

We opted to do a professional photo shoot instead of using stock art, which can be impersonal. We retouched the images to convey a warm welcoming feel. When it comes to relationship-building, there's nothing like matching a friendly face to a voice.

Technology that Gets the Job Done

The job board, a key element of Gainor's refurbished site, allows candidates to register with the staffing firm, browse openings, and submit their resumes and other documentation online.

Career Management on the Move

For Gainor, Loewy designed a device-agnostic interface that is easy to use anywhere, anytime—whether on a smart phone, PC, tablet, or laptop