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ClubCard, a Philadelphia-based company whose mission is to revolutionize traditional retail loyalty programs, offers a self-named card that consumers can use to get discounts at the point of sale or online at their favorite stores.

The company's merchant network already includes hundreds of retailers and service providers across the country, from restaurants and pharmacies to automotive shops, movie theaters, and theme parks, and ClubCard anticipates further growth as a result of its revamped online presence. The company touts the numerous advantages of its product–there's no counting points, waiting for rebates, or irrelevant mail/email offers' over traditional rewards cards.


Product launch of new loyalty program for retailers


Product Development, Branding, Information Architecture, Design, Content Management, Technology Integration, Online Marketing


Club Card came to Loewy to develop its new brand and online product. The goal was to provide consumers with a one-price yearly subscription that would deliver discounts from potentially thousands of participating retailers. ClubCard needed a brand and online presence that would appeal to its core audience of consumers and retailers. And behind the scenes, it required a back-end application designed to help track ClubCard activity.


Our first step was to create a new brand identity for ClubCard that visually symbolizes discounts and speaks to the core audience. Once the brand and tone of voice were established, we began the development of ClubCard's website, which includes areas for consumers and retailers to track and manage their accounts. A mobile application was developed to help consumers find ClubCard particpating retailers near their own locations. The website was integrated with a custom back-end system that allowed ClubCard to manage its consumers, retailers and marketing initatives.


The positive response to ClubCard's website has been dramatic. Since the launch, page views per visit have increased 70%, subscription renewals are up 76%, and bounce rates have plummeted 55%. ClubCard continues to build its network of retailers and attract consumers at a rapid rate.

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