TDS How-To: Troubleshoot Slow Item Sync

Item sync (Sync with Sitecore or Get Sitecore Items) is normally a fast process; it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. However, the speed of item sync depends on both the environment TDS is working with and the volume of items. First, check to see whether there is a problem with the Sitecore log. […]


TDS How-To: Install the TDS Connector for Rocks 2.0

The TDS connector for Sitecore Rocks 2.0 is part of the TDS release. As of now the plug-in hasn’t been added to the Sitecore Rocks online repository, so instead we’ll walk through installing it manually: First, install the latest version of TDS and Sitecore Rocks 2.0 into Visual Studio to ensure everything works correctly. […]


Leveling Up with TDS and Habitat

If there’s one question I hear more than any other it’s this: “Hey, because Sitecore didn’t use TDS in Habitat, does that mean TDS doesn’t work with Habitat?” Short answer: Not at all! TDS and Habitat work very well together. Long answer: Sitecore created the Helix architecture as a recommended way of building websites. To […]


TDS How-To: Delete items from the target Sitecore instance using TDS update package

With TDS you can delete items from the Sitecore tree, using an update package. The Recursive Deploy action controls how TDS responds to Items in the target Sitecore instance, but not existing in the project. You can manage what to happen with the missing in the project items with by setting the Recursive Deploy Action […]


TDS How-To: Fix the TDS .targets import setting when it’s not valid.

When using Visual Studio on a restricted machine, a scenario may manifest wherein TDS can’t be installed on the default location (MSBuildExtensionsPath = C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild).
As a consequence, the TDS .targets import setting inside the .scproj files () are not valid. In order to work around this restriction, one can add the path …

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