SPEAK Behaviors in Sitecore 8

This blog post is an updated version of my previous blog post on behaviors in Sitecore Speak. The previous post describes how to setup behaviors in Sitecore 7.1. Sitecore 7.5 and 8 use A newer version of Speak, and I have updated the blog post to reflect the changes. If you are interested in comparing the changes between Sitecore versions, please see my blog post Introduction to Sitecore SPEAK Behaviors.


Changes to SPEAK apps on the Sitecore 8 Dashboard

I read this awesome blog today by NonLinear on “Adding new applications to the launch pad”. A great post on SPEAK apps in the Sitecore 8 LaunchPad, I definitely recommend for anyone wanting to add shortcuts to the LaunchPad.

After reading, I figured I’d expand on a few differences I’ve noticed when adding LaunchPad Shortcuts in Sitecore 8 compared to doing it with previous Sitecore versions.


Introduction to Sitecore SPEAK Behaviors

Sitecore Speak is the new platform developers will use to make new applications in the Content Manager environment. As the new platform of choice for Sitecore desktop applications, we need to learn how to completely master its creation. This blog will review what to do when your application doesn’t fully do what you want.  


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