Razl V3 – What’s New?

It’s been awhile since we’ve released a new update to Razl, and throughout this time we’ve been collecting suggestions from all our users. We’ve added several of these requests into the newest Razl, Razl V3.


Introducing Razl Scripting

The new addition to Razl might seem like a small feature but it has HUGE impact. Razl scripting allows you to control when, what, and how Razl moves your Sitecore items. Giving you more flexibility than ever before. 


Check Out This Razl Tip to Speed Up Merging

I hear a lot that comparing massive trees with Razl takes awhile. Well, it does have to crawl your entire, and I mean entire, Sitecore tree to show you all the differences right down to the versioning. Sean Holmesby came up with this neat trick to help speed this up.


Razl V2

Check out the new release notes for our upcoming version of Razl!


Razl History

Mike Edwards recently worked on a new feature for Razl. Check it out!


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