(Squared Euclidean) Distance and going the extra mile to get it

A deeper dive into the concept of Squared Euclidean Distance, which is the numerical representation of a difference between two Sitecore patterns.


Engagement Value and the Persona Tool: Look Who’s Getting Engaged!

The Persona Tool helps us know our visitors better, and the evolution of the Persona Tool brings more and more new features. The one I want to focus on this time is the exceptional, extraordinary and essential Engagement Value (EV) per cluster of visits.


What to Expect when Using Mongo Query to get Sitecore Profile Data in .NET

After configuring the persona tool to handle the way profile data is handled by Mongo and creating and populating a mock collection of visit data using .NET driver for Mongo, I saw that the continued development of the Persona Tool required using MongoDB Query to get Sitecore profile data in .NET. The excellent blog post MongoDB C# Driver Cheat Sheet by my esteemed colleague Derek Hunziker was my “Go to” when working with Mongo Query for .NET.


Writing mock Sitecore Profile data as BSON documents with .NET driver for Mongo

I’ve spoken in previous posts about how useful Profiles and Pattern Cards can be and how profile data is handled by Mongo, and as I continued to work on the Persona Tool I saw a need to create and populate a mock collection of visit data.


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