A Hedgehog Prototype Using Sitecore MVC – Part 3

In the final installment of A Hedgehog Prototype Using Sitecore MVC  Charlie wraps up his analysis with views, custom pipelines, and the MVC controller. Also, Charlie has included the source code for this prototype as well.


A Hedgehog Prototype Using Sitecore MVC – Part 2

In part 2 of the blog series, Hedgehog Prototype Using Sitecore MVC Charlie goes over his implementation and how he leveraged Sitecore’s support of MVC to create his solution.


A Hedgehog Prototype Using Sitecore MVC

The release of Sitecore 6.6 will tightly integrate all the functionality of MVC 3. Hedgehog set out to determine exactly how to leverage this new functionality to help us efficiently deliver the best Sitecore solutions to our clients. Hedgehog put Charles Turano on the case. In part one of this three part series, titled A Hedgehog Prototype using Sitecore MVC” Charlie sets the groudwork for how to best leverage Sitecore MVC for our clients.


Sitecore MVC demo at the Sitecore Virtual User Group

The announcement that Sitecore 6.6 will support MVC has taken the community by storm. Everyone wants to know exactly what that means. Well, in July’s Sitecore Virtual User Group David Morrison let us see exactly what the Sitecore MVC support entails….


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