Why Profile? The Impact Profiling Brings to Sitecore Personalization

As we’ve all come to realize, predictive personalization is the north star of marketing tactics. When I say predictive personalization I’m referring to the concept of giving an anonymous website visitor the right content at the right time. Which is a much easier sentence to write than it is to implement. To get to this […]


Profile Cards and Other P’s of Sitecore Personalization

Profiling in Sitecore may be one of the most powerful aspects of the experience platform. The ability to predict a visitor’s ‘persona’ through on site behavior represents a huge opportunity for businesses to both provide customers with what they may want, i.e. real time customer service, as well as drive those customers to conversion points. […]


Sitecore Personalization Entry Page Tactics

Entry Page tactics are Sitecore personalization tactics that are implemented on the landing or entrance page of a visit. The most reliable source of information about a visitor, outside of a proprietary third party, is the entry information handed to a company when entering the site. Search Engine Keywords A large number of visitors will […]


The Advantage of Active Commerce

There’s tremendous potential in the B2B market; it’s predicted to grow to 1.13 trillion by 2020 in the US alone. For those who want to compete at the top levels, the time to evaluate, consider and act is now. E-commerce and web content management systems are vital to the modern customer experience and necessary investments […]


What to Think when Developing Profiles and Patterns in Sitecore

When it comes to Sitecore marketing strategies, profiles and patterns are among of the most complicated to grasp and control. In the beginning, setting up patterns requires that businesses make several “assumptions” about the actual make-up of the customer. Ideally these hypotheses are informed by supporting data from historic analytics, customer interviews, previous personas, and […]

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