The Inside Track on Good Behavior

With its ability to target consumers based on their actual shopping preferences, behavioral advertising has become a very popular tool among marketers and retailers. And the behavioral targeting trend shows no signs of slowing down, being applied not only to traditional online marketing campaigns but to mobile marketing as well. That’s because behavioral marketing has proven to be more effective than non-targeted advertising, converting consumers into buyers at more than two times the rate. It’s also more profitable, generating 2.68 times the revenue per ad than non-targeted advertising, according to the Network Advertising Initiative.


iPhone, iVerizon?

I’m a Verizon girl. I love having my cable, Internet, phone, and mobile service all under one roof. If I could buy my music or groceries from Verizon, I would. What’s troubled me recently is my curiosity about and envy of those iPhone owners who have all the coolest and most useful apps and features at their fingertips.


Cyber monday everyday

Black Friday & Cyber Monday may have come and gone but the spending season has just begun and if you have an iPhone, as nightmarish as it may seem, every minute of every day can be Cyber WhateverDay. Like the DVR did away with having to clear your schedule to make it home to watch […]


A question of mobility

With the recent release of the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre, the lure to take your site mobile will be stronger than ever—but should you?


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