Sitecore Rocks 1.1 Integration with TDS

Recently, the Rocks team released Version 1.1 of Sitecore Rocks and I’ve been very excited to include these new features into my process. What I’m currently working on is insuring that TDS will effectively work with all of these new features. I figured I’d stop in and update you on where I am and what else needs to be done.


Integrate your Sitecore iOS project into TFS with TDS and GIT-TF

After my blog last week, I got a lot of feedback asking why I would do this in a Sitecore setting. There are many reasons why I would rather use TFS than GIT, posing the question how do you continue to create efficient solutions with these problems? Well the answer is obvious. Like any good developer you make your tools do what you want them to do. See why I made a Sitecore iOS application using TFS not GIT.


Integrate your iPhone/iPad iOS project GIT with TFS – Step by Step

Recently, I crossed into the Apple ecosystem to write an iOS app, coming from a purely .NET background, it was a bit inconvenient to be forced to use GIT. I’ve heard similar complaints from a lot of people but don’t worry, I am here to help minimize your pain. This post will show you how to integrate your iPhone/iPad iOS project that uses GIT with TFS.


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