Bring Out The Razor, No Shave November Comes to an End!

As No Shave November comes to an end, check out the faces of all the Hedgehogs that participated, learn about how much we raised, and why this is important.


Hedgehog’s No Shave November

Hedgehog has started its very own No Shave November team to help raise money for The American Cancer Society. Read this post to find out more of the details about our drive.


Sitecore Users Virtual Summit – By the Numbers

Last week we held the 2013 Sitecore Users Virtual Summit. Here are some of the statistics about viewers and contributors that you might find interesting.


The Sand-Aid Relief Concert

On Sunday I went to a Hurricane Sandy Relief concert co-sponsored by Hedgehog. The event was a huge success, drawing a large crowd with great music and food, and most importantly making an impact on the relief of the hurricane victims. It was a great event to be a part of and I’m glad and thankful I went.


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