Sitecore Analytics and Google Query URL Structure

We noticed that our Sitecore analytics reports seemed off in terms of how much search traffic we were getting. For some reason, Sitecore was not registering traffic coming from Google as search traffic. This is bad for many reasons; Google is pretty popular, so not having an accurate read on the traffic to a website […]

Sitecore Analytics Google Query


TDS 5.5 Quick Shoutout

I have been taking TDS 5.5 for a test run and needed to write a quick shout out for TDS’s new Delta Deploy feature. It made my production deployment packages 5x smaller!


Enforcing SEO Friendly URLS

Sitecore is a very extensible and flexible CMS that allows you to implement and enforce all kinds of business rules. But just because you can, does not always mean you should. URL generation for SEO is one example of what I think should be left to the editors.


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