By the book

I recently gave a lecture to the advanced web design class at Farmingdale College. When I met up with professor Jack Harris, he informed me that the kids, mostly juniors and seniors,  saw Loewy Design’s page in the Flash/Dreamweaver Genius Guide, and they were looking forward to meeting with me. A bit embarrassed and very flattered, I asked Jack what book was he talking about and where could I get one.


Tools of the trade

Everyone–designer and developer alike–has a set of tools to rely on that make the day go smoothly. We all have tricks that help us be more productive and more efficient–and take less Tylenol!


Designing with CSS3

Although CSS3 is still officially in the works, the recent releases of Safari and Firefox have given us a few new CSS tools to experiment with. Designers may specifically be interested in the following features that accomplish with a few lines of code, things that we would normally do with graphics.


CSS framework roundup

Over the past few years, CSS frameworks have become popular web development options. And there’s no shortage of opinions on their usefulness.


Websites behaving badly

A website is more than just an online presence. Properly created by a professional team, it becomes a valuable investment. Take care of your website, and it will take care of you and your brand for years to come.


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