Sitecore Users Virtual Summit – By the Numbers

This year Hedgehog hosted the 2013 Sitecore Users Virtual Summit. In case you didn’t hear about it let me recap it for you. The Summit a completely partner run event in which informative presentations were given over the course of 24 hours. Money was collected for Doctors Without Borders, all proceeds went to this great institution.

The event was a resounding success! It was tough staying up for 24 hours but we made it through the entire event and even exceeded our donation goal.

Check out some of the statistics behind the event:

Donated $5,226 to Doctors Without Borders – 105% of our goal!


  • Viewers from 15 countries
  • 2,178 people watched live
  • 4,058 people have watched the recordings
  • Hundreds of interactive tweets


I want to personally thank everyone who watched, contributed, donated, and participated. Without the community’s help none of this would have been possible.

Finally, we’ve posted a survey to gather your feedback from the event. Please, fill it out and let us know how we can improve.

Now let’s keep this momentum moving! 2014 Sitecore Users Virtual Summit: How Much More Can We Pack Into 24 Hours? …….has a nice ring to it huh 😉


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