The Best Sitecore Event of the Year

Welcome to the Sitecore Users Virtual Summit, the best Sitecore event of the year. The theme for this year’s summit is “Sharing-Inspiring-Connecting” something that Sitecore helps us all do. The Summit will be a full day of insightful and impactful presentations. With topics consisting of everything from Marketing presentations on DMS and Social Connected to technical presentations on Unit Testing and Building a Sheer UI application.

Hedgehog is involved in 4 presentations for the summit.

Sitecore Add-Ons: What You Need & What You Need to Know

Tools are essential to Sitecore development, the best developers use a wide array of tools to perform professional Sitecore development. Tools may be widely used but there isn’t a complete consensus of which tools everyone uses. Well, not anymore! Hedgehog has put together a dream team of Sitecore developers that will help shed light on what tools they use to do development. While there will always be more tools to cover this will give you the best basis on which tools to use. Learn which tools will take your development to the next level by attending this presentation.

The Missing Standard Values Pipeline

Hedgehog’s Sitecore MVP Sean Kearney is giving an in-depth presentation on how to fill in missing standard values in your Sitecore pipeline.  Sean’s module, which is available on the Sitecore Marketplace, is helpful for all types of Missing Value situations. Sean will showing how the Missing Value Pipeline can generate real-time language translation. Learn more here.

Advanced Glass Walkthrough

Mike Edwards will be giving an advanced walkthrough of his open-source Sitecore tool, Sitecore.Glass Mapper. The Sitecore.Glass Mapper increases the efficiency of Sitecore development. Used by developers around the world, the Sitecore.Glass Mapper is one of the most popular Sitecore tools on the market. Learn how to use Mike’s tool for advanced Sitecore development by attending this presentation.

The Mandatory Minimum: Team Development for Sitecore

Team Development for Sitecore has become the go to tool for Sitecore developers around the world. With the greatest adoption rate of all Sitecore tools and a feature in the Sitecore development manual, TDS has become the best practice standard. TDS’s creator, Charles Turano, will be presenting on the capabilities and extendibility of TDS.  He will show you how easy it is to ramp new developers onto a project and how great development can be by integrating source control into your process. Find out how to utilize TDS to make the best Sitecore solutions.


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