Razl V2

We have just completed the Beta testing for Razl V2 and are now set for full release. The release date is currently set for next Tuesday, 11/19. Look out for the upcoming release and don’t forget to join Mike Edwards on 11/20 as he presents Razl V2 to the Sitecore Users Virtual Group.

Here are the newest features that will be added in this new version:

  • Fresh & Improved Interface
    • Added toolbars and views increase visibility between databases and items
  • Help Information
    • Full Help section added simply by F5
  • History Engine Support
    • Engine will allow you to review what has happened in Sitecore and then quickly navigate to those items.
  • Improved Moved Items Support
    • Improved support for items that have been moved in Sitecore; making it clearer to see that items have been moved.
  • Compare Filters
    • Control how Razl compares fields by ignoring fields and specific languages.
  • Logging
    • All operations are now logged and can be displayed in a console and written to disk.
  • Improved Blob Management
    • Razl will now compare blobs by hash. Large blobs are now chunked when being moved to avoid memory issues on the machine.
  • HTTP s Support
    • Razl will now connect Sitecore Instances running over HTTPs
  • Connection Information
    • Razl now shows a summary of the connections being used; such as the database, the URL, sites, Sitecore version and Razl Version.
  • Processing Information
    • Razl will now show you the percentage complete of any action
  • Cancellation Action
    • Razl will now allow you to cancel a process.

Check out some screen shots:

  • Brand new interface!

  • New History Engine


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