Hedgehog’s No Shave November

This year Hedgehog has decided to join the No Shave November craze! We put together our own team of Hedgehogs that are going to get grizzly to raise awareness for the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society’s mission is to eliminate cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service. Every year thousands of people are affected by this horrible disease, let’s all work together to make cancer something we only read about in history books.

All geeks know that the more facial hair you have the more trustworthy you are. It’s been scientifically proven in this graphic from geekologie.com.

Personally, I’ve decided to make a bet for No Shave November. Everybody knows I define myself by my facial hair. I’ve had facial hair for the last 7 years, so long I don’t even remember what I look like clean shaven.

Well my friends, this year I’ve decided that if Hedgehog meets its donation goal I’ll shave my beard!!! This is a HUGE thing for me. The Hedgehog goal is $1,500; so if 50 people donate $30 it’ll meet our goal…..too easy if you ask me.

So support our team to donate money for a good cause & you’ll get a few laughs at my expense!

Check out our No Shave November Team Page to join our team or donate, we need your support!

Also, follow our progress on our Facebook page.


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